Subcontract Manufacturing

To compete in the global electronics market companies need to focus on their core competencies to win existing and future business. Many of these companies outsource their non-core activities and Axiom provides an efficient and cost effective service to fulfil this need. As is the case with any subcontract facility there are constantly new demands and requirements and Axiom is developing the skills and people required to perform these functions.


The Axiom facility in Limerick, Ireland, is used to provide a world-class subcontract manufacturing service for final assembly and test of various products. This service varies from Mechanical Subassemblies to Electronic systems for a variety of Customers.

The projects vary in size from a single unit to high volume production. Our manufacturing team meet with our Customers a design a program to suit their individual needs. The focus is on Quality, while at the same time ensuring an efficient and cost effective solution.

Light Assembly:

With the globalisation of business many subcomponent parts are manufactured in different regions of the world prior to being shipped to the end Customer possibly in another region of the world. Our manufacturing teams bring together these various subcomponent parts and assemble them into a final product for onward shipment to Customers in Europe.

Axioms exacting Quality standards are implemented and are often further augmented by Customers special requirements.


Every company must configure their products to meet the needs of the local market and the specific demands of individual Customers. Kitting of loose components, manuals etc. to software upgrading, BIOS changes and hardware configuration changes. Axiom's highly skilled workforce will to meet your demands and those of your Customers in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Quality Screening:

No matter how hard a supplier of products works on quality processes there are inevitably going to be problems from time to time. The suppliers that recognise that there are issues and work on correcting these problems quickly and efficiently are the suppliers who are most likely to continue doing the business. To support a rapid response to quality issues our workforce offer a flexible support to assist on quality screening and repair.
Much of this work is carried out in our own premises or at a warehouse location prior to being delivered to the end Customer but we also offer a service where we perform the actual screen / rework at the final destination.


We can offer a service to print barcode labels to many varying standards for either the rework of an existing label or the application of a new label. Working with the latest software standards and using our state of the art Thermal Transfer printers we can support the demands of our customers quickly and efficiently

For further information on this service please go to our Labelling section

Technical Suport:

Our Engineers and Technicians currently assist many major international companies with Engineering support in Test, Inspection, Verification and Failure Analysis.

For further details on this service please visit our Engineering Support section.