Quality Screening and Rework


However hard a supplier of products works on quality processes there are inevitably going to be problems from time to time. The suppliers that recognise that there are issues and work on correcting these problems quickly and efficiently are the suppliers who are most likely to continue doing the business.

To support a rapid response to quality issues our workforce offer a flexible support to assist on quality screening and repair.

Much of this work is carried out in our own premises or at a warehouse location prior to being delivered to the end Customer but we also offer a service where we perform the actual screen / rework at the final destination.

  • Rework
  • Board Test
  • Software upgrades
  • BIOS Changes
  • Kitting
  • Light Assembly
  • P.C.A. Inspection
  • Screening
  • Sorting
  • Component Screening
  • Labelling
  • Technical Support

    • Fully supervised work carried out on in either Axiom or Customer’s premises.
    • All staff are trained on Anti-Static procedures.
    • Reports given on completion of project or on an interim basis as required.
    • Axiom can work directly with the Customer’s supplier if required.


    Should problems be identified and require rework which can be carried out at the customers site or prior to being shipped to the customer Axiom are available to assist in these reworks.

    Software Upgrades:

    A common problem in volume manufacturing of motherboards is that the BIOS changes between the time of board manufacture and the time of use in the end system. Often times the BIOS needs to be checked and then changed if necessary.

    Our team of trained staff are available to perform this task. All are fully trained in the handling of sensitive electronic components and are aware of the anti static procedures required when performing these duties.

    Cosmetic Inspection:

    When product arrives at the end customer it should meet the necessary cosmetic standards for customer approval. These standards vary from product to product and also on the different surfaces of the product. Our highly trained staff have worked on many different cosmetic screening projects and are experienced in identifying cosmetic problems against many different standards.

    Component Screening:

    Should an issue arise with various parts it may be necessary to sort through stock already built to ensure that the correct parts are used and that any suspect parts are removed from the system. Axiom can provide the necessary personnel to perform this task on a subcontract basis. Each project is fully supervised and reports are given at the end of each project.

    Technical Support:

    Our Engineers and Technicians currently assist many major international companies with Engineering support in Test, Inspection, Verification and Failure Analysis.

    For further details on this service please visit our Engineering Support section.